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The Moment of Truth 8. The Changing of the Guard 9. The False Peace The Final Showdown Path to Truth Deceptions 2. The Followers Shadow Hunter The Fight to Survive 2.

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Crossfire 3. Maze of Deception 4. Hunted A New Threat Pursuit Screams in the Void The Ruins of Dantooine The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker Trouble on Tatooine Darklighter Revenge of the Sith The Joiner King 2. The Unseen Queen 3. The Desperate Mission 2. Dark Warning 3. Underworld 4.

All 15 ‘Star Wars’ Legends Han Solo and Lando Calrissian novels, ranked (Book commentary)

Death on Naboo 5. A Tangled Web 6. Return of the Dark Side 7. Secret Weapon 8. Against the Empire 9. Master of Deception Reckoning Betrayal 2. Bloodlines 3. Tempest 4. Exile 5. Sacrifice 6. Inferno 7. Fury 8.

Revelation 9. Invincible Path of Destruction 2. Rule of Two 3. Jedi Twilight 2. Street of Shadows 3. Patterns of Force Outcast 2. Omen 3. Abyss 4. Backlash 5. Allies 6.

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Vortex 7. Conviction 8. Ascension 9. Apocalypse Stealth 2. Siege Fatal Alliance 2. Deceived 3. Revan 4. Annihilation The Old Republic Series Blood of the Empire 2.

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Threat of Peace 3. The Lost Suns Into the Void Razor's Edge 2.

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Honor Among Thieves Aftermath 2. Aftermath: Life Debt 3. Twilight Company 2. Inferno Squad Jedi Academy 2. Return of the Padawan 3. The Phantom Bully 4. However, after flying the Falcon to the planet Lur for the pickup, they discover that the cargo they're meant to be shipping are slaves—something for which neither Han nor Chewbacca has any tolerance.

After dealing with the slavers' attempt to commandeer the Falcon , and still in dire need of funds, Han and Chewbacca head for the planet Bonadan , where the slavers' leader was meant to meet his contact for payment. Instead of the contact, though, they cross paths with Fiolla, an assistant auditor-general with the Corporate Sector Authority. She convinces Han that his only chance of getting paid now is to help her in tracking down the slaving ring.

The slavers are watching Fiolla and are now keeping their eyes on Han and Chewbacca as well, forcing the two smugglers to split up.

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Chewbacca takes the Falcon , while Han and Fiolla board a cruise liner. The two parties make plans to meet on the planet Ammuud, to investigate the slavers' connection to one of the governing clans there. Han and Fiolla arrive on Ammuud and uncover the evidence Fiolla needs to implicate high-ranking Authority officials in the slaving ring. Outwitting the Authority forces who have been sent by Fiolla's superior to detain them, Han and Chewbacca are able to collect their payment at last and depart the planet safely.

Han Solo and the Lost Legacy is the third novel in the trilogy, published in August Unlike the first two books, which introduced and largely fleshed out the Corporate Sector, [2] in this book Han and Chewbacca's adventures take place in the Tion Hegemony. The skull featured on the book's cover was included as an easter egg in the film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Plot summary While taking a well-earned break on the planet Rudrig in the Tion Hegemony, Han and Chewbacca are approached by Badure, an old friend, and his female companion Hasti.

Badure has a lead on the fabled Queen of Ranroon , the treasure ship of Xim the Despot, which has been believed lost for centuries. Though Han is initially reluctant to join what he considers to be a pointless treasure hunt, he and Chewbacca decide to accompany Badure on his search. Accompanying them on their quest are Skynx, an alien historian from the planet Ruuria, and Han's droid companions, Bollux and Blue Max. Han's group is not the only one on the trail of Xim the Despot's treasure, however. After landing on the planet Dellalt, Han and his companions are attacked and forced to abandon the Falcon.

Their attackers steal the Falcon and fly her to a distant mining camp, where they intend to search her for clues to the Queen' s location - by tearing the Falcon apart, if necessary. Han and the others set off on a trip overland to recover the Falcon. On their way, they are captured by a group of religious cultists, descendants of the Queen of Ranroon' s crew. The cultists are determined to keep Xim's treasure safe, and are about to unleash an army of Xim's war-robots to destroy the mining camp—and the Falcon. Through the ingenuity of Bollux and Blue Max, the war-robots are stopped. Han and the others recover the Falcon and fly to the location of Xim's fabled treasure, only to find that it isn't quite what they were expecting: technology and war materiel which was state-of-the-art in Xim's era, but is now commonplace, inexpensive or in some cases obsolete.

The comic in question is Star Wars 99, "Touch of the Goddess. The story reveals that the Godoans practice a faith that makes their worship of sacred statues necessary for the survival of their race.

Han Solo's Adventure to ANOTHER Galaxy - Star Wars Lore (Legends)

So when the statues go missing, they're not surprised to see an illness ravage their entire people. Eventually, Han realizes that the statues and their temple are a type of machine designed to make their world habitable. And the statue of the Dancing Goddess, a green sculpture roughly in the shape of a dancing figure, is a prized artifact current in the collection of one Lando Calrissian. The Dancing Goddess can be seen in Dryden Vos's room, slightly different from the comics, but made of the same green glass.

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