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And nothing really "new" was added. Well, I've rambled enough without actually being informative or review-like. So, I depart. March : Trees, Vol.

And my erotica's not bad, either.

Superman: Earth One - J. Superman: Earth One Vol. It's an interesting twist on a murder mystery that I hadn't really seen before. It's both a professional investigation, involving a police investigator, and an amateur investigation involving a Vicar do you capitalize vicar? I've sometimes seen something vaguely similar when the police investigating a crime, mostly murder, lock in on a certain individual and so that individual has to try to find the real murderer. Which, in its way, is an amateur and professional investigation.

Here, though, the Vicar was never a suspect. So it is two simultaneous investigations. Sometimes working together, sometimes working separately, and mostly following the police investigator. A good solid book. Had a rather modern feel to it. Well, I guess maybe not. Modern murder mystery's seem depressing and filled with violence and drinking. This one didn't have that. Ah, I recall now how I thought of it while reading it.

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It had the feel of something written now, but set back in the s, or s there is one moment when the year is given, though given with a dash; Not exactly sure why I felt that way while reading it. Anyway, good solid book. A three and a half star book. The first story in the Star Trek: S. For hours.

And my erotica's not bad, either.

Eventually he disables it and calls on the S. Geordi and Lt. Vale stay behind to help the S. It was an interesting story about exploring an unknown spaceship, searching for the missing crew and passengers, trying to find out what they could find out. Some knowledge of Star Trek is likely needed, though I am not sure if required. The only slow moments, reading-wise not story wise, were the Captain Picard sections, and the Scotty section. But they were quickly read through.

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Fatal Error - Keith R. And a biological race who built said computer so that they could delve more in softness and luxury. A topic that's come up repeatedly in Star Trek shows and books.

A supercomputer running everything. Well, here things are at a different stage than normal. For one, the supercomputer and the biological race are still living relatively well together, with neither devolved, nor evolved. Though the biological race has created a "priesthood" to function as the caretakers for the computer system. So, the story might advance down the path that other Star Trek showed the aftermath of. Devolved biologicals and malfunctioning computers, and a "priesthood" who don't know what they are doing except for "tradition".

Well, as I said, it hasn't devolved to that point yet. No, here, a group decided they didn't like how soft everyone was, and how much the computer control, so they attempted a revolution. A virus got injected into the supercomputer and people were cut off and inconvenienced. The supercomputer called Starfleet for help. And interesting enough story. A good follow-up from the first story in the series.

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The characters end up getting developed by one author, furthered by a second, and then a third one comes along and. Then you add an overly sappy storyline. Almost completely off-putting. Didn't enjoy it at all. While I continue developing a loathing of Duffy, I did, somewhat, find his taking command to be an interesting thing. It was an okay story. It was also somewhat tedious and by no means a "like" or likeable story.

Cold Fusion - Keith R. Best part of this specific story. I'm not sure if I particularly like any of the main S. The story kind of had a big build up then things fizzled out. Then an abrupt ending. When the omnibus came out, they were merged together with no indication of where the split used to occur. Therefore I have rated the two parts roughly how I felt as I read the story. While the second part got a three star rating because the fact that Commander Sonya Gomez kept making mistake after stupid mistake.

This is probably the bloodiest Star Trek story I've read that didn't involve ships or planets exploding. But involved up close and personal death. By "monsters". The nature of the planet also made weapons mostly useless, except for sonic weapons. And the unexpected nature of being confronted by a predatory animal that looked like a larger version of a relatively mild and unthreatening creature. So some of the deaths can be put into that category: unexpected developments.

Some, though, are definately in the category of: commanding officer, i. And then some of the deaths fall into the category of: the aliens under Gomez command are described as being rather stupid and superstitious. Especially when confronted by death. Overall story is something like 3. First part gets a 4 star rating, second gets a 3 star rating, combined: 3. Here There be Monsters - Keith R. Not many stories about them around.

Pumping His Iron, no. 3

Second one for S. It's as if Millar set out to have the most cocky scientists possible who ignore all the rules. Which is fine, of course, but. They not only ignore "the rules", they ignore common sense.