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Fyter manages to get the Kris of Amorana, and Thip uses it on Warin. Fyter and Juliet reconcile but they both know that their happiness together is short lived. Tony finally meets Wish to get the answers he has been searching for.

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The show features a competition in which contestants solve word puzzles, similar to those used in Hangman, to win cash and prizes determined by spinning a giant carnival wheel. Encore The conspiracy to cover up sexual assaults on vacationers; a man tells of forgetting his child in a hot car. The Rainbow Bus will be heading to the zoo to learn about animals today! Before that, they head to the animal resort to see various animals such as rabbits and peacocks.

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The adventurers then hop onto a Ranger Tour at the Singapore Zoo. Ranger Rocky invites the Junior Rangers along on an adventure to return an orca to the sea. But the task becomes twice as hard when they come across a second orca that is stranded on the beach.

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The discovery of a green iguana in the garden leads to an adventure in the rainforest! The Junior Rangers want nothing more than to find the iguana's home, but a hungry hawk has other plans for the iguana. Every day brings a new adventure for Shaun as he leads his flock into all sorts of madcap adventures, turning peace in the valley into mayhem in the meadow. Iconic children's pop group Hi-5 continues to teach kids about animals, colours, music and more. Kody Kapow is about an aspiring martial arts-style superhero named Kody who spends the summer with his extended family in a small village in China.

His grandfather, a martial arts master, teaches Kody ancient lessons of mindfulness, patience and perseverance, which Kody employs as he and his super spy cousin Mei set off on adventures in the village together with their tiger friend Goji. Arashi longs to follow his father's footsteps to become a Zoid Hunter and find his ultimate Partner. He partners up with the Wild Liger and forms the new Team Freedom. Together, they will face many adventures, including the main antagonists the Death Metal Empire!

Jason loves the mystical minicars he hears so much about. One day, he meets Evan, a real living minicar that transforms into a creature called Mecanimal. Mecanimals are from a different world called Triforce, and have special powers to battle each other. Jason and Evan bond and realise they both need one another to find missing family members. Their quest will take them on an amazing adventure!

Extreme Football is an urban spin off of traditional five-a-side incorporating elements of free running and acrobatics. Created by and for children, as soon as Samy discovers it he is determined to captain a team. He sets about recruiting his closest friend Greg and Mediterranean girl Ines as defenders, quick-witted Luna as the star striker and hyperactive Joey as goalkeeper.

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Together they form The Team. Many years after Baryon's defeat, a carefree boy named Rex comes across the Tuner and becomes the new Dino Master. Meanwhile, Darkno takes over one planet after another and finally reaches Earth. Super4orce is no more. The team has kicked Jake out.

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Now the former teammates must race against each other to find Sally - the last name on the list of super-kids. However, this 'villain' is more of a challenge then Joe, TJ and Wanda can handle. Only Jake manages to 'catch' her and convince her to help him. But what he learns from Sally shocks him. With no super powers and faced with this new information that his friends are in danger China's literati is said to eat better than the emperor. Love this show…. Love it love it. Home News Cancelled or Renewed? Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Burnette A Harris. Vote Up 3 0 Vote Down Reply.

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August 1, pm. Vote Up 2 -2 Vote Down Reply. May 17, pm. The Love Island recoupling saw a number of cast members choose to be part of new couples. Prior to the recoupling, there were five couples in the Love Island, plus three single cast members:. Anton Danyluk is single after Curtis stole Amy from him, Joe Garrett is alone after Tommy picked Lucie, while Molly-Mae Hague is a new contestant who has not been part of a recoupling yet. Although Molly-Mae asked Curtis to join her in the hot tub, he thoroughly friend-zoned her, giving Amy no cause for concern.

Anna has been complaining that Sherif has been not paying her enough attention throughout the week.

Lucie spent most of the week choosing between the two people she has been coupled with, Joe and Tommy.