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Book 1. Missing Pieces. Book 2. Waking Nightmare Hello Neighbor, Book 2. Book 3. Buried Secrets Hello Neighbor, Book 3.

David Paulides on Missing 411 Hunters Part 1 August 13, 2016

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His Missing Pieces (Pieces #1) by M.A. Innes

Top charts. New arrivals. Switch to the audiobook. Ages Nicky Roth has always been a lonely kid. But that all changes when he and his family move to Raven Brooks and meet their eccentric neighbors, the Petersons. Nicky befriends the Petersons' son, Aaron, bonding over their talents for tinkering. Soon the boys are inseparable and using their skills to pull pranks on the townspeople.

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But something about Aaron bothers Nicky--people seem almost afraid of him and his family. Through snippets from Aaron and a lot of sleuthing in the town's archives, Nicky discovers a dark past haunting his neighbors, a streak of bad luck they can't seem to shake. Aaron thinks that's all behind them now, but Nicky has a feeling the Petersons are fated for another tragedy. This pulse-pounding prequel novel to the hit video game Hello Neighbor includes two-color illustrations throughout, to help readers unwind the mystery at the heart of the game.

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A Missing Pieces Mystery Series

More in horror. See more. Eerie: Graveyard Watch: Graveyard Watch. Book 7. Eerie because goosebumps are for chickens. Zak wakes up with no memory of who he is. The parents he can't remember are acting strange.

Go Cozy Mystery Crazy!

Why won't they let him out of the house? And what's going on in the graveyard next door?


The Improbable Cat. Allan Ahlberg. The Burrell family could never have foreseen the consequences of adopting the tiny stray kitten that appeared when David was twelve.

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But the sweet cat is not as harmless as it seems, and soon has them completely under its sinister spell. The only one unaffected, David concocts a plan to rescue his family - but will it work? Room of Shadows. Ronald Kidd.

Ever since his dad left, David Cray has had anger issues. So after he beats up school bully Jake Bragg, his mom grounds him in their creepy new house. Bored, David discovers a secret room with an old-fashioned desk, a chest, and a carving of a raven. Suddenly he's having strange dreams about the room and the house, and violence seems to follow him wherever he goes. Who is the Raven who is taking responsibility for these violent pranks? And why do the pranks resemble Poe's stories? Home Sweet Horror. Book 1. Have a seat. Let us tell you a story. But be warned. Home Sweet Horror isn't just any tale.

This is a Scary Tale.