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Gender Swap Trifecta (Gender Transformation Feminization Erotica Bundle) Kindle Edition

Later they drank martinis on the rocks. This author seems especially young and not in a good way. There are signs of someone who hasn't seen the world, isn't familiar with the world beyond stereotypes. How many college students, frat members, no less, chill with cigars unloaded, regular cigars and martinis in their frat house?

Other problems with the writing is exemplified in this gem: "I wasn't tired even though I was, if you know what I mean. I was too excited about my new life…I was tired even though I wouldn't sleep this way. Is Fran tired or not?

Seriously elementary writing. The author also used juvenile names for body parts e. They were in college, not And Fran is presented has having very little worry about being found out when among strangers in a club. Her low level of fear was especially unrealistic. While in the club, we are to believe that a young male Josh had no hesitation in making loud sex noises and hip movements while getting a handjob from Fran.

Who is this uninformed author? I'm ok with leaving some reality outside a story, especially for sex appeal. But there's a level of realism that should always be there.

Gender Swap Bundle (Gender Bending Erotica Compilation)

Then there's the narrator. The narrator needs a lot of help making sex noises as a male. And she needs to cease growling when a male as her attempt to have some type of throaty undercurrent.

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme Part 10

It's hard to explain, but it's horrible. I couldn't make it through the story.

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Life's too short to give any more time to this. This is a tale of Twitterpation and Wonderment , a fun story all the way through! Nice different feel to a fun read with a sweet main character read by an actress that has a wide voice range.

Gender Bending Investigations - The Complete Bundle - Farleven - ebook - Legimi online

These two consistently produce sexy trans erotica great for a TS such as myself, or people who like girls with a little something extra! Get a free audiobook. Written by: Thomas Newgen , Barbara Deloto. Narrated by: Ruby Rivers. Length: 2 hrs and 20 mins. Categories: Erotica.

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Publisher's Summary A frat house needs new members to pay the rent. What members say. When the frat finds itself turned into a sorority, the new sisters of Delta Phi find themselves under the sway of the devastating Pheromone Catalyst Effect and irresistibly drawn to the other men on campus. Finally in Cupcake Shop Gender Swap , a trendy new bakery sets the scene for a wild adventure of transformation and new beginnings.

Miranda may have been caught by surprise with her new body, but she's ready to make the most of it in this fun and lighthearted tale that's packed with flavor. For mature audiences only! Angelica Siren is an emerging, young erotica writer. She likes to write hot and passionate stories for everyone, but especially loves making them for fans of the strange and the unusual. Angelica Siren never shies away from a topic - no matter how taboo!