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More filters. Sort order. Mar 11, TylerRose. I read it because I wrote it. It's actually one of my shorter books, and Raine is one of my favorite characters because of her ability to heal. I can do much more extreme things with her to a point and she will recover. You really need to read to the end or you'll miss the entire point of the character and what she endures, and will not understand her place place in the history -- and future -- of Gethis.

If you don't finish it, then you won't know what the lasting effects are. They're not always I read it because I wrote it. They're not always physical. And you'll miss the reason one of the characters keeps popping up in other places and times. Oct 25, Deljah added it Shelves: reads , dnf. Book contains extreme BDSM, with whippings, canings, brandings, switchings, paddlings.

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Beatings that characters agree would kill a person that had no healing ability. Non-consensual sexual slavery. Heroine forced to use chamberpot as toilet and was observed while doing it. Group sex, anal sex, same gender sex. Beyond this, heroine was a Mary Sue. She endured all of the above treatment with no lasting ill effects and dozens of orgasms, when she was not being denied them.

Very long book. Did not finish it. Cecelia rated it really liked it Apr 04, Keiko Dagirl rated it it was amazing May 31, Pam rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Gretchen Jackman rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Dierdre Vans Evers rated it it was amazing Sep 24, Lynn rated it really liked it Jun 23, Sue Me marked it as to-read May 08, Laura Wolf marked it as to-read May 15, Holly Cochran marked it as to-read Aug 05, Saha added it Dec 21, Kathy L marked it as to-read Feb 27, Tera Comer marked it as to-read Jul 25, Janette V added it Mar 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Books by TylerRose. We have escaped bondage and crossed the sea. We enter the arid land before us, made hesitant by generations of servitude—mixed with our recent struggle, and yet heady in our new freedom. We have thirsted for freedom, but now we thirst for water. As with so many people in the world who do not have water, we face bitterness and quarreling. Our ancient texts tell us that Moses was able to turn the bitter into sweetness and bring forth water. But many disputes over water remain.

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Further, we are told that Miriam, the midwife of our liberation has stood ready, waiting to sustain us in the time ahead as we come to grips with our tasks and responsibilities. It now lies hidden in the sea of Galilee for Elijah to restore to us. Its waters, we are told, taste of old wine and new wine, of milk and of honey.

In the desert we received it as a gift and thereafter it followed us on all our wanderings: to lofty mountains and deep valleys. Not until we came to the boundary of Moab did it disappear because we squandered our freedom by not fulfilling our responsibilities. But it is not the wine we sanctify. Instead, the wine is a symbol of the sanctity, the preciousness, and the sweetness of this moment.

Held together by sacred bonds of family, friendship, peoplehood, we share this table tonight with one another and with all the generations who have come before us. We belong. We belong to one another. And we belong to the generations who have come before and who will come after us, sharing this sacred story and celebration.

Let us rise, and sanctify this singular moment. So, too, the motzee blessing is recited not over sheaves of wheat but over bread, leavened or unleavened, ground. Our Bible uses different words and phrases to express the divine promises of freedom for our people.

These may represent different stages of redemption. We can also read these promises as toasts to the generations of our people who committed themselves to the struggle for liberation in their own day. Like wine, we can appreciate freedom as a gift to use wisely with respect.

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Over the course of the Seder we will drink four cups of wine to recall each time freedom was promised. Ritually wash hands without reciting the blessing. The need for hand washing before eating vegetables is no longer a ritual requirement, however, it is included here in the traditional Seder. Why is this washing of the hands different than all others? Here's a reminder why We do not recite the blessing.

Jewish law requires the ritual washing of the hands before eating bread. This washing is accompanied by a blessing. But why do we wash before eating the green vegetable and why in this case is no blessing recited? Fruits or vegetables dipped in water can acquire ritual impurity Lev.

Washing before eating vegetables which have come into contact with water is a hold-over from Talmudic times.

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In that period many Rabbis attempted to eat all their foods in a state of ritual purity — trying to experience in their daily eating the sense of sacredness associated with the Temple. To emphasize that this is only a pious custom, and not even a rabbinic requirement, no blessing is recited. Except for the seder night the custom has fallen into general disuse, even among the strictly observant. But on seder night we wash at the beginning of the evening to create the spirit of a sacred gathering conducted in purity and devotion.

Water is cleansing and clear which is why many cultures and religions use water for symbolic purification. To wash your hands, you only need water for your hands not soap. Now you pour water on your hands three times. Everyone should get a chance to wash their hands. Let's pause to consider what we hope to get out of our evening together tonight. Go around the table and share one hope or expectation you have for tonight's seder.

We have accepted the need for. This small, formal act of service is a symbol of. This is an ancient Jewish ritual in and of itself. It is a statement of purpose, an elevation from the mundane. Before the Cohen priest could. Silently he prayed as we do before we begin the Seder. That was the prime example of an action that. The way water flows between the fingers as it passes over the. So too do the sensations of. When we eat dry foods, washing the hands is not necessary.

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But as soon as liquids are. But in light of what we just said, it attains. Whenever hunger, lust or the expression of any of our needs. We ask Him to ensure the lust. Leaving us cleansed the way. Jewish ritual with no counterpart in any contemporary or adjacent cultures and religion.

Greeks and Romans had no such symbolical actions in their lives.